The Only Disney World Souvenirs Worth Your Money

Let’s be real. Disney vacations are expensive. You’re paying for all that Disney magic, so you probably want to take some sort of commemorative token home with you, but without blowing your budget on more clutter. Once you get to Disney you might be paralyzed by the infinite number of t-shirts and trinkets that you can purchase, but there are a few souvenirs that are absolutely worth the space in your luggage. Here are my favorite Disney World souvenirs.

Memory Maker

The absolute best souvenir you can buy is the Memory Maker package. It includes the in-ride photos from many popular attractions, the images taken by photographers (or the black boxes, but that’s an entirely different discussion) during character experiences (including some character dining experiences), and it also includes photos taken by professional photographers around the park, like on Main Street in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

I hear some of you groaning, ‘But I can just take photos with my phone!’… that’s true, you can take most of these photos yourself, but there are two very big reasons I beg you to reconsider.

  1. These are professional photographers. You definitely wont get the same quality of images with your phone, especially because some Memory Maker images include magical elements! Where else are you going to get a picture with the headless horseman?
  2. Convenience. It really is a hassle to try to get amazing photos of all the magic you’re going to experience. Do you really want to be trying to get the zoom or focus on your phone to work while your kids are engaging with their favorite character of all time? I doubt it. Take the easy way out, and enjoy the magical moments without a phone in your face… and then have the photographer scan your magic band after the experience is over. 
Mickey ears are the classic Disney World souvenir!

Mickey Ears

There’s something about a pair of Mickey Ears that just make you feel like you’re part of the club. There are unlimited options to choose from, so get a pair that really fit your personality and style. It will add a little extra magic to your vacation, I promise! Pro-Tip: If you want to save a little money or want something super unique, there are lots of tutorials on Pinterest to make your own Mickey Ears. You can also find really cool options on

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Autograph Book

What a better way to remember your trip than a little coffee table book that includes pictures and signatures from your favorite character experiences? Disney sells autograph books, but you can also find them in some craft stores, on, or on Amazon. I highly recommend getting one that has slots for photographs so you can add an image next to the signature! Don’t forget to grab a large pen (or Sharpie) for the characters to use! Some of them have large hands and cant use a regular pen.

Pressed Coins

Pressed coin machines are everywhere. Its fun to hunt for cool designs with your favorite characters. You can get a coin book from any of the Disney gift shops, or you can order one before your trip on Amazon. Be sure to take lots of change! We like to use the M&M mini tubes (the kind you get at the grocery store checkout lane) to store our quarters and pennies.

Silhouettes are timeless. Hang this Disney World souvenir on your wall to remind yourself of that amazing vacation every single day! Image courtesy of Cassandra Rodriguez.
Courtesy of Cassandra Rodriguez


The real hidden gem of souvenirs is definitely the silhouettes available for purchase at Disney World. They are black silhouette cutouts on white paper, with an optional oval frame. You can get the silhouettes from cart vendors in Magic Kingdom (Liberty Square, just before Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe), EPCOT (in France, near the water), and Disney Springs (near World of Disney). As with most cart vendors, their hours of operation vary, and may change with the weather. Check with guest services to verify their hours.

Christmas Ornaments

Confession: We’ve never been to Disney during Christmas (YET, its totally on my list of things-to-do-very-soon). However, one of my favorite keepsakes is a Christmas ornament commemorating our family trip. I love the memories they evoke when we decorate our tree every year. Lucky for me, Christmas ornaments are available year-round at Disney. Check out Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom. You can also explore the Disney’s Days of Christmas shop at Disney Springs, also open all year-round. Both shops have a huge variety, and many include the current year right on the ornament!

Disney Christmas Ornaments bring a little extra magic to your holiday decor. It's the Disney Souvenir that will remind you of your family vacation each and every year.

You don’t have to spring for the ornaments available at Disney though. You can get crafty and turn some of your other Disney items into Christmas ornaments. With a hot glue gun and some ribbon you can turn one of the free celebration pins (available at guest services) into an ornament. Or you can stick your magic bands into a clear bulb ornament. There are ample ideas on Pinterest to help you turn your magical memories into a precious ornamental keepsake.

Are there other Disney World souvenirs that you absolutely love? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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