Save Money on Meals: 7 Stunning Picnic Spots at Magic Kingdom

Did you know that you can take food, even small coolers, into Magic Kingdom? You do not have to spend a fortune to experience the magic of a Disney lunch. Pack up your favorite finger foods and head to the park for a day full of fun. You don’t have to carry around your cooler all day long – rent a locker at the entrance of the park! You can get in and out of the locker all day long. If you have a Park Hopper ticket, you can even get a locker at your second park for no additional fee! Here are our absolute favorite picnic spots in Magic Kingdom. We’ve also provided a map so you can easily find these stellar lunch spots.

1. Hub Lawn

There’s no better place to take in Magic Kingdom than the Hub Lawn. Located adjacent to the Tomorrowland Terrace and Crystal Palace, these two patches of artificial grass can get busy, but it’s my favorite place to picnic at Disney. Bring your lunch box and enjoy the unforgettable view of Cinderella’s castle. You will also find other entertainment, like the shows happening at the castle, songs echoing down Main Street, or just the joy of watching other families experience the Disney magic. You might even catch a marriage proposal or baby announcement in front of the castle. So find a spot, kick off your shoes, and enjoy your meal in the most magical picnic spot in the Magic Kingdom.

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2. Rapunzel’s Village

There’s a picnic area tucked into Rapunzel’s village, near the stroller parking for It’s a Small World. It’s a small area, but if you can find a table it’s a nice area to enjoy a meal. There are restrooms nearby, and you may even spot a couple of Pascal’s friends in your picnic area. You’re right in the middle of a few very popular rides, so plan ahead and schedule a FastPass+ for Peter Pan or It’s a Small World right after lunch! Bonus: Some of the seats have outlets for you to charge your devices!

3. Pecos Bills

Near Pecos Bill’s restaurant in Frontierland there’s an abundance of seating. There’s also indoor seating with air conditioning if it’s a hot summer day. We love this area because it’s a great place for people watching, and its also relatively quiet if you find a table in the back corner. My toddlers have spent plenty of time here napping in their stroller or coloring quietly when they needed some rest time. It’s a spot I highly recommend you visit during your trip!

4. Tortuga Tavern

Just across from Pirates of the Caribbean you’ll find a rustic seasonal Quick Service restaurant that is perfect for your family picnic. Its not open often – only for a few weeks during the summer and only for lunch (from 11am to 4pm). This means the tables are usually unused, so grab a seat and enjoy the breezy atmosphere in this Pirate themed restaurant. If you visit before July 2020 you might catch a glimpse of young pirates leaving The Pirates League (closing July 27, 2020).

5. Outside Pete’s Silly Side Show

In the far corner of Magic Kingdom you will find a fantastic spot for families to burn off some energy. This space has plenty of tables and glorious shade. This Storybook Circus area does not have any major attractions, so you’ll find it to be a little quieter than other areas of the park. There are several kid-friendly attractions nearby when you’re done with your picnic, like Casey Jr. Splash ‘n Soak Station and Character Meet & Greets.

6. Tom Sawyer’s Island

This is truly a hidden gem. You won’t find any major attractions or long lines when you cross the water to Tom Sawyer’s Island. What you will find is some peace and quiet within the hustle and bustle of the busy park. There are plenty of spots to settle in for a quiet picnic, including picnic tables and even some spots near the water. There are restrooms nearby as well, so you can take your time and enjoy this lovely lunch spot.

7. Liberty Square Porch

To the right of the Hall of Presidents you’ll notice a small porch with a couple of cozy rocking chairs. It’s a nice spot to watch the crowds, but far enough away from the main path that people wont trip over you. The porch is small, so you may need to utilize the stairs as well, but it’s all shaded and a perfect spot to stop and enjoy a bite to eat.

Have you found another great picnic spots at Magic Kingdom to enjoy a meal with your family? Have you experienced any of our favorite picnic spots? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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