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Magic Kingdom: Main Street USA – An Epic Guide (+ Insider Secrets)

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has been one of America’s favorite destinations for over 50 years. The magical kingdom stands out from other theme parks due to its distinct use of color, it’s wide range of attractions, and its immersive environment. One thing that many people don’t know about Magic Kingdom is Main Street USA. This blog post will give you an exclusive look at Magic Kingdom: Main Street USA through photos and insider secrets!

What is Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom?

Main Street USA is Magic Kingdom’s first land and is designed to look like a quaint small town from the early 20th century. Magic Kingdom designers made it seem as if you can walk from Main Street USA into the rest of Magic Kingdom.

What’s there to do on Main Street USA?

The Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA is a shopper’s dream with plenty of stores, including the Magic Kingdom Emporium. There are also plenty of places to eat on Main Street USA such as Casey’s Corner ice cream stand, Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies sweet shop, and the Plaza Restaurant. Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA also has an arcade for Magic Band games, a carousel that is perfect to enjoy on a day with good weather, plus live entertainment at night!


  • Emporium
  • Glass Blowers


  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is Magic Kingdom’s most elegant restaurant and is located on Main Street USA.
  • Casey’s Corner has been Magic Kingdom’s original quick-service spot for over 40 years! It offers a variety of burgers, fries, corn dogs, plus shakes and hot cocoa to keep you warm on chilly evenings.
  • Plaza Restaurant is a popular Magic Kingdom table service restaurant and has been around since Magic Kingdom opened in 1971. It offers a variety of American fare such as ribs, steak, pork chops, lobster tails!
  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is one of Magic Kingdom’s original counter-service restaurants and offers a variety of ice cream treats.
  • The Confectionary also offers Magic Kingdom’s most popular treats such as the Dole Whip, Mickey-shaped waffles, apple pie a la mode!
  • Starbucks is a popular spot on Mainstreet and offers specialty snacks, pastries, and coffee to Magic Kingdom goers.


  • City Hall offers many guest services, such as tours, programs, as well as services for Guests with Disabilities, Guidemaps available in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese, Foreign Currency exchange, and much more!
  • Mainstreet Vehicles are Magic Kingdom’s turn of the century vehicles that offer a one-way ride down Magic Kingdom’s Mainstreet USA.
  • WDW Railroad is Magic Kingdom railroad that can take you on a sightseeing trip around Magic Kingdom.
  • Town Square Theater is the home of Magic Kingdom’s Magician Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell! Then they are offering character visits, you can get up close and personal with Mickey and Tink. Feel free to ask them questions, take pictures, and request an autograph.
  • Harmony Barber Shop is Magic Kingdom’s barbershop that can give you haircuts and shaves! They specialize in “First Haircuts” and offer special perks for scheduling your child’s very first time in a barber’s chair. (Temporarily Closed)
  • Music Hall offers live performances from “The Magic Kingdom Orchestra” and “The Dapper Dans”.
  • Fireworks occur most nights at Magic Kingdom, and they often include an amazing light show on the facade of Cinderella Castle and Mainstreet USA.
  • Parades happen multiple times a day at Magic Kingdom and Mainstreet USA is where the parade starts!
  • Photographs are available from professional photographers all day, every day at Magic Kingdom! They offer Magic Shots in front of Cinderella Castle or Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

Is Cinderella’s Castle on Main Street?

No, Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle is located in the castle hub area.

Main Street USA opens up to the castle hub and you can see Cinderella’s Castle from Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA.

In fact, Main Street is a great place to watch the Fireworks and Shows that happen at Cinderella’s Castle!

Does Main Street Open before Magic Kingdom?

No, Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA is closed before Magic Kingdom opens for the day. Once the park opens, Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA is open for Guests to explore!

14 Main Street Secrets

Main Street USA holds a few amazing secrets!

  • Window displays on Main Street are closer to the ground than normal window displays to allow young kids a great view.
  • Smellitizers are installed all over Main Street to provide a more immersive experience.
  • Main Street USA is Magic Kingdom’s longest street, it stretches for over half a mile!
  • Hear Singing Lessons in the little alcove just past Uptown Jewelers. Look up and you’ll see the window that says Voice Singing Lessons
  • The buildings aren’t as tall as they look! A tapered design was used when constructing, so they get smaller as they go up. This technique was used throughout the park as well.
  • Main Street is sloped towards the exist. People naturally move at a faster pace when they walk downhill. This helps cast members herd guests out of the park at the end of the night.
  • Magic Kingdom is 13 feet above see level. It was built on top of a a series of utility corridors to enable cast members to move throughout the park unseen. They call it the Utilidors.
  • The flags on top of the buildings on Main Street are not real American flags. They contain flaws, such as too many stripes or too few stars. This is because true American flags have to be raised and lowered daily, and Disney did not want to require cast members to do the extra work.
  • Every night at 5pm, Daper Dan’s Quartet pays tribute to veterans by putting on retreat ceremony as they take down the flag. Then they hand the flag to a veteran. It takes place at the Magic Kingdom near the train station.
  • Main Street’s sidewalks are red. Disney wanted to roll out the red carpet for all guests, so he had Kodak select the perfect shade of red to improve the color quality of guest photos.
  • The street lamps along Main Street change as you walk along Main Street. They start as gas lamps and eventually switch to electric to signify progress through time!
  • Listen in on a telephone conversation Chapeau shop on the right side of Main Street USA. You’ll find an antique phone mounted on the wall. Pick it up and listen in on the conversation between Annie and her mother!
  • Find the paw prints of Lady and the Tramp surrounded by a heart in the pavement in front of Tony’s Town Square.
  • The fire station is appropriately Engine Co. 71, a nod to the year the park opened.

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