Do you need a Disney Vacation Planner? The answer is YES!

One of the most common questions potential clients ask is ‘Why use a Disney Vacation Planner?’ Here are five reasons why you need one, and more importantly, why it won’t cost you a dime (in fact, you may SAVE money!).

1) You’re paying for a Disney Vacation Planner whether you use one or not.

Let me explain… Disney expects guests to use a professional planner to book their vacations, so the cost is already included in the package price. Even if you book it yourself online, the commission is included. If you do choose to book yourself, Disney just keeps that extra 10% or more for themselves. The only difference is you’re not getting the personalized service of a Disney expert to make the most of your vacation.

2) Disney Vacation Planners can score you elusive dining reservations or insanely popular FastPass+ times that you may not be able to get yourself.

Disney Vacation Planners are in the Disney system all day long. More importantly, we are talking to each other all day long. This means that if one has a client giving up a hot reservation for some reason, they’ll let other Planners know so they can book that time slot! In a sense, if you’re working with a Disney Vacation Planner, you actually have a whole community of Disney Vacation Planners working to make your vacation as magical as possible.

3) Your Disney Vacation Planner may be able to find you a cheaper package, even after you’ve booked.

Package pricing changes frequently. Your personal Disney Vacation Planner will update your package if cheaper rates are offered without you doing any work. You don’t have to keep an eye on the rates for your travel dates, and you don’t have to spend your precious time on the phone with Disney customer service.

4) You’ll have access to amazing tips and tricks from a seasoned professional.

Even if you’ve been to Disney many times, there’s probably a lot you don’t know. Disney Vacation Planners are up to date on the latest news. We have tried and true methods for getting the most from your vacation. We also know a few genius hacks to limit the frustration you may encounter while planning, or taking your vacation.

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5) You have one on one, personalized support from beginning to end.

Have you ever planned your own travel, encountered an issue, and then spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone only to repeat yourself over and over, explaining your issue to multiple people? That doesn’t happen if you have a Disney Vacation Planner. You call one person, or even just text her, and she gets the right people involved to solve your issue. Best of all, this kind of support doesn’t cost you any money.

Disney Vacation Planners are the secret to having the most magical vacation while getting the most for your vacation dollar. If you’re ready to book your next magical Disney adventure with a Disney Vacation Planner, reach out to me!

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