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Disney World in 2021? 5 Reasons to Book Now.

Thinking about Disney World in 2021? There are a lot of great reason to plan a trip to the most magical place on earth. Here are the 5 reason you need to reserve your room PRONTO. 

1. Capacity Will Likely Be Limited

Disney’s priority is guest experience and guest safety. They definitely don’t want to tarnish their reputation, so they are going to error on the side of caution. They have not announced their reopening plan, or timeline back to ‘normal’ capacity. However, I fully expect they will take it slow, and limit availability at their resorts and limit capacity at their parks. Considering they have been operating near capacity for the last several years, limited capacity will definitely mean a shortage of availability. If you’re seriously considering a trip to Disney World in 2021, your best bet is to reserve a room now.

2. Everyone Cancelled in 2020 Will Reschedule

If limited capacity and a shortage of availability isn’t enough to get you to make a deposit, then consider the fact that you’re also competing with everyone who had their reservation cancelled in 2020. Many of these people are eager to get their Disney fix, and will be rescheduling for 2021, if they haven’t already done so.

3. Magic Kingdom Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

The Magic Kingdom will be celebrating an important milestone in 2021! Celebration details have not yet been announced, but rest assured, it will be a big deal. Expect an extra dose of magic during 2021 at all the Disney World parks. Die hard Disney fanatics are looking forward to this milestone, and you’ll be competing with them for the limited availability at Disney World.

4. Prices Will Definitely Go Up

If you book a vacation through your Disney travel planner now, you’ll lock in the 2020 room rate for your 2021 vacation. You can add park tickets, dining, and other packages when they become available. You can bet they will be increasing prices ASAP (to recover from their long hiatus due to COVID-19). Why not secure the cheapest price possible for your 2021 vacation?

5. 2021 Will Be a Unique Disney Experience

Visiting Disney World in 2021 will be a completely unique experience. Reduced capacity, special celebrations, possible new strategies to character dining, shows, queue lines (maybe virtual queues, who knows!)… you’ll created memories that will last a lifetime. 

Let’s Book It!

Let me help you! If you’re ready to make your 2021 Disney World reservation, reach out to me now. You’ll experience a little extra pixie dust with an experienced travel planner.

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Keep calm and call your Disney travel planner! :) Visit Disney World in 2021

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