Disney Inspired Play at Home

Being stuck at home is a drag. Especially for anyone that’s had to postpone or cancel family vacations. But you can add some Disney to your day with these simple Disney inspired play at home ideas. Hopefully a few Disney activities at home can hold you over until your next Disney Vacation!

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1. Disney Song Dance Party

Turn on some Disney music and dance like no one is watching! Even if you don’t own any Disney soundtracks, you can listen through your music subscription (Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.), or you can watch sing-along vides on YouTube for free. Go the extra mile and dress up as a Disney Princess for your dance party. This is our favorite Disney inspired activity. I am sure your kids will absolutely love it too!

2. Kinetic Sand Princess Castles

Kinetic Sand is one of those things I avoided for a long time because it seemed like a huge mess. When I finally caved, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a magical material that sticks together, even though it behaves like sand when you mold it. Cleanup is a breeze, and you can store it in anything, even a plastic baggie. Get out small bowls and utensils and build your best Cinderella’s castle! To extend play further, add in some Disney princess figures.

Kinetic sand is great for imaginative Disney inspired play at home.

3. Play-doh Dresses and Costumes

Grab your kid’s favorite Disney figurines (Princesses, Superheroes, any will do!) and craft amazing, unique outfits with Play-doh! You can mix colors and use Play-doh tools to cut out shapes to add embellishments.

4. Cardboard Castles and Forts

Save the boxes from any shipments or purchases to build amazing Princess Castles and Superhero Forts! Use markers or crayons to decorate the amazing constructions. Stickers can also add an element of personation. You’ll find your kids get days of fun from these handmade creations.

5. DIY Test Track with Cardboard

Extra cardboard can also be used to build your own Test Track. Use small cars to race around your track. You can add excitement by elevating parts of the track, creating ramps for even more exciting races. Don’t forget to add a Start and Finish line!

6. Princess Tea Party

You don’t need a tea set to have an amazing Princess Tea Party. Grab some plastic cups, a pitcher of water, and a few snacks. Encourage imaginative play! Using real water (in a safe space, like the kitchen table or on the patio) will hold their attention much longer.

7. Incredibles Costume Party

The Incredibles are an amazing family! You can make your own masks with felt, old sheets or towels, or even craft paper and string. Dress up together, and fight pretend crime right in your back yard. Practice problem solving skills by using everyday items to fight your fictitious villains.

You can be any super hero you want! Pretend play is a great way to bring Disney inspired play into your home.

8. DIY Princess Jewelry

Making Princess Jewelry is a super easy rainy day activity. Gather some pipe cleaners and assorted beads and buttons. You can easily make necklaces, tiaras, rings, and much more. You can even make edible jewelry with cereal! Want something more durable? You can get Disney necklace kits here!

9. Tianna’s Taste Testing

Grab a blindfold and a few every day snacks or baking items around your house. Take turns feeding each other a bite, and then guessing what the item is! You can up the ante by giving kids things they can mix, then taste test (i.e. ketchup and mustard, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, etc.). Your kids will love participating in this fun guessing game.

10. DIY Beauty & the Beast Stained Glass Window

Unleash the artist in your kids by letting them create their own Beauty & the Beast stained glass window. You can create your own super easy, washable window paint by combining Kids Washable Paint (we like Crayola Kids Paints) and a little dishwashing liquid. Create a stained glass affect by adding masking tape to the window, and then painting! It will wash off with a little water. Want to avoid paint? No problem! Crayola makes washable window markers that will also work.

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You can bring the magic of Disney into your home with zero dollars and very little planning. Use these Disney inspired play at home ideas to keep your kids busy! Do you have other Disney games or crafts? Share in the comments below! 

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