are disney travel agents free

Are Disney Travel Agents free? No, not really. Here’s Why.

Disney World is a magical place. It’s one of those places where you are guaranteed to have the time of your life no matter what – but are Disney travel agents free? No, they are not. Below I’ll share with you the surprising reason they are not free, even if they tell you they don’t charge a fee… and why you should go through a Disney Travel Agent for every Disney vacation.

Disney Travel Agent Commission is Built into ALL Disney Packages

You’re paying for a Disney Travel Agent, whether you use one or not. In other words, you’re paying for a travel agent’s time, expertise, and services no matter what. You might as well take advantage of these services you’re paying for.

Can’t I find cheaper packages without an agent?

No. Disney Travel Agents have access to the same packages and prices that you can access on the Disney website. Occasionally you’ll find slightly cheaper room rates (not packages that include tickets and other perks) on discount sites like Expedia or Travelocity. But you won’t find a cheaper Disney Vacation Package than the one you can book with a Disney Travel Agent. Even discounted military tickets are available through a Disney Travel Agent!

What do you get with a Disney Travel Agent?

A Disney Travel Agent will help you plan your entire vacation from start to finish! When booking a package with a travel agent, the first thing they are going to do is ask for your budget and needs. This allows them to find out what type of room (value or deluxe) would suit your family best – Are there kids in tow? Are you going in the off-season? Are there any special requests or needs that need to be met, like wheelchair accessibility for a friend who is disabled? All of these questions are important and will help your travel agent find the perfect package.

Don’t forget about their expertise! You can ask as many questions as you want because they know all the ins and outs of the Disney Parks. Plus, they are going to help you avoid any pitfalls that are common when traveling to the parks for many different reasons – How busy are things this week? Where are all the best places to eat? What is a reasonable time frame for your visit? From booking rooms at nearby hotels (to make getting around easier) to find the best place for your kids to enjoy a character meal, they are going to make your vacation stress-free and memorable.

Many Disney Travel Agents offer additional perks like gift cards for booking packages, pre-travel gifts mailed to your home, and surprise in-room gifts you’ll discover upon check-in.

In other words: A Disney Travel Agent will help you with every aspect of your trip, even things you didn’t know you needed to consider.

Why are Disney Travel Agents worth it?

They are full of hidden surprises that you don’t want to miss out on! But most importantly – they are knowledgeable about everything Disney World-related and have access to all of the same packages and prices that are available to you online. Do yourself a favor – use your Disney Travel Agent!

I’m a seasoned Disney traveler. Can I still benefit from a Disney Travel Agent?

Absolutely! Disney Travel Agents are always willing to answer your questions and provide help with things like using the My Disney Experience mobile app, ticketing options, dining reservations – even FastPass+ selections. In other words: they are a great resource if you are new to planning trips or just want some extra support.

Unless you love sitting on hold for hours, you will benefit from a Disney Travel Agent, even if you’re a Disney expert. Your Disney Travel Agent will make all the necessary phone calls directly to Disney for any of your vacation needs. Plus they have a priority phone line, so they can handle any of your requests or changes quicker than you sitting on hold for minutes (or hours).

The Bottom Line

Are Disney Travel Agents free? The bottom line is this: No, even if you don’t use one, you’re paying for it. Disney Travel Agents are worth it, even if you are a seasoned Disney traveler. They are experts at helping with everything and will make your vacation stress-free while providing the best possible memories for you and your family. Booking packages online is not enough to experience all the magic – use a travel agent!

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